Just for fun

Fun trivia about UC Berkeley

You'll learn lots about academics, history, housing, and student life when you go on a Visitors Center campus tour. You'll also learn some trivia. Here's a sample of the latter. Did you know that…

  • Sather Tower, aka the Campanile, stands 307 feet tall, making it the third tallest bell and clock-tower in the world?
  • The city of Berkeley was named for the 18th century Irish philosopher, theologian and poet, George Berkeley (pronounced Barclay), Bishop of Cloyne in 1866?
  • UC Berkeley has skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Pteranodon on view in the lobby of the Valley Life Sciences Building?
  • The lions outside Durant Hall are not lions at all, but Ming dogs from China?
  • Cal has a 750-pound cannon it fires whenever the Golden Bears football team scores or wins a game?
  • The basketball player with the biggest feet traditionally donates his shoes every year to our campus mascot, Oski T. Bear?
  • Oski can no longer flirt with girls, brawl with the Stanford Tree, throw pies at opposing chancellors, nor shimmy up goalposts?
  • A gold nugget, believed to be the gold that John Marshall discovered on Jan. 24, 1848, setting off the California Gold Rush, can be found at the Bancroft Library?
  • The periodic table of elements includes four elements – lawrencium, californium, berkelium, and seaborgium – discovered by Berkeley researchers?
  • Berkeley professor William Vere Cruess, who is credited with co-founding the field of food science, is the inventor of fruit cocktail?
  • The Smokey the Bear hats worn by National Park Service rangers are believe to be inspired by the Senior Sombreros worn by Cal students a century ago?
  • The Music Department has a world-class collection of 14 antique (and antique-style) pipe organs acquired over the past 50 years?


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