Prospective tour guides



Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Visitor and  Parent Services team. We are looking for enthusiastic, well-spoken, and diverse students to join our staff of campus ambassadors. If you would like to help welcome prospective students, parents, VIPs, donors, alumni, and other guests to our campus, we look forward to meeting you.

We generally hire undergraduate students who have completed their first semester and have at least a year remaining on campus. We require new ambassadors to work the first summer after being hired. The position pays about $10 per hour and offers about five-seven hours work per week, depending on the season. We value all-around diversity and encourage students from all departments, majors, activities, interests, and backgrounds to apply. Multiple language fluency is much appreciated.

This application is the initial way for us to get to know you. Please spend some quality time composing your answers.

All applicants must be available to audition on Saturday, January 26, 2013, and to work during Summer 2013.

Applications are due 5:00 pm, Monday, November 19, 2012.

Important Dates

  • Monday, November 19, 2012: Application deadline (5:00pm)
  • Saturday, January 26, 2013 : Auditions
  • Late January 2013:  Interviews and Notification
  • February 2013: Paid training begins
  • March 2013:  New ambassadors begin leading tours

Please contact Visitor and Parent Services at if you have any questions.

Note: All fields are required. The form will return an error if you do not fill it out completely.

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Local Address

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E-mail Address

Permanent/Home Address

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Area Code and Number

College or School: (example: L&S, Chemistry, Engineering, etc.)


Expected date of Graduation

(Classroom/Group Announcement, Flyer, Website, E-mail from an Adviser, Friend, etc.)

Language Skills: (Indicate languages, other than English, that you speak and your fluency (slightly, partly, mostly, fully). If none, please specify.)

1) Summarize your reasons for applying. 2) Describe your favorite aspect of being a Berkeley student.

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities (especially campus groups and organizations)? Please list and explain your involvement.

Describe an experience in which you provided excellent customer service.  What made that experience memorable for your customer? What is your customer service philosophy?

In light of the budgetary issues in higher education today, and particularly at UC Berkeley, how are you going to advocate for the university in your role as a campus ambassador?

1) List any special skills, training, awards (CPR, ASL, etc). 2) What skills do you have that you believe are important for giving a quality tour?

Please respond to the following questions as you would if you were talking to a prospective student.

a) Why/how did you decide that Berkeley was the right place for you? What were some of the major factors that influenced your decision?

b) I've been accepted to Berkeley and I'd really like to know how to get involved in activities other than classes. Are you involved in any student organizations? How do you balance your academic load?

c) What is your single favorite experience at Berkeley? What has been your most  challenging one? How did you overcome it?

Thank you for your interest and application!